Girls Can Do Some Gross Stuff

It seems that each day I am confronted by girls doing some gross stuff. Quite honestly, many times the girl doing that gross stuff is ME!! The levels and intensity of this grossness vary and often times something recognized as gross to one goes virtually unnoticed by another. Personally, after 31 years of living with and among smart, independent, urban women, my gross threshold is pretty high. However, coming from a family of conservative Irish/Italian Catholics, I will be implementing the “Grandpa Test” rating for all of my posts moving forward. More on that later. But back to the blog origins…

At first this blog was going to be called “GrossStuffGirlsSay”. But right before committing to this title it dawned on me, many of the grossest acts go unsaid…they are just done. And so we have GrossStuffGirlsDO. I must give a special shout out to my colleague James Lane for planting this idea in my head. The story goes like this: James walks over to a predominately female inhabited work cube, stumbling upon an in progress discussion about a girl and her smelly finger. Girl: “My finger smells so bad, smell it.” James replies in utter disgust, “Cute girls say the grossest stuff.”

Well world, its time to document just how gross us cute girls can be.


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On this day: GrossStuffGirlsDo is Born

For thousands of years girls have been doing some pretty gross stuff.  Yet, for as many years this grossness has gone virtually undocumented.  We’ve been cast in the shadows by our male counterparts, whose boasts of gross behaviors have been sources of late night fodder, Best Selling books and email threads worldwide.  Well ladies, now is our moment.  NOW is our time to show off our grossness in all its wonder!

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